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Apr 25 2018.

Mr.Koehler was my third attorney and the BEST, I wish I found him earlier. I have been working with Mr.Koehler for about 5 years. He helped with my divorce and then we ended up having to work together again for a very tough custody case. My case was a very contentious case which involved a lot of people. Therapist, co parenting counselor, doctors, school staff and a guardian ad litem. As you can imagine this case was a tangled mess with this many people involved along with having 2 children, both with special needs. My case took over a year and a total of 3.5 days in court. Mr.Koehler is a very very smart attorney and is very wise on handling messy cases. He was able to, regardless of all the other peoples opinions and observations, lay ALL the facts out to the judge in a very clear organized matter. Long story short Mr.Koehler won my case hands down, which honestly surprised everyone . Mr.Koehler helped me navigate through difficult times and gave me advice on how to handle certain situations. He is always available and responds very quickly to all my calls and emails. He truly cares about his clients and goes the extra mile for them every time! I will never attempt to hire any other attorney. Mr.Koehler in my opinion is the BEST at what he does!!

– BM

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